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From the principal's Desk




          Opportunities are not something that one waits for or something that is granted, rather they are something consciously created or taken. The success of one’s activity and the life itself depends very much on the self discovery. The integral education system does point out to this self discovery of one’s inborn and acquirable qualities and abilities. Only then can one succeed in these fields. Being conscious of these facts, Omm International School,Patnagarh is fully committed in accompanying each student very closely and dearly in his/her efforts in the self discovery and consequent conscious translation of them through life’s challenges.

         Teachers have a lot to do with their students' motivational level. A student may arrive in class with a certain degree of motivation. But the teacher's behavior and teaching style, the structure of the course, the nature of the assignments and informal interactions with students all have a large effect on student motivation. We may have heard the utterance, "my students are so unmotivated!" and the good news is that there's a lot that we can do to change that.

       Omm International School allows a supportive teaching style for student autonomy can foster increased student interest, enjoyment, engagement and performance. Supportive teacher behaviors include listening, giving hints and encouragement, being responsive to student questions and showing empathy for students. When students are struggling with poor academic performance or low self-efficacy one strategy that we follow which helps indeed is to teach them "how to learn".

        This being the state of affairs, your child in Omm International School with its magnificent infrastructure, manifold facilities and well qualified and experienced staff cannot but be a success in his/her life.





   Prasanna Kumar.P